What’s New

Here is what has changed with the new site.

  • New site is built on WordPress rather than Drupal
  • The big change is in shipping
    • We have more shipping options than before
    • At least one option is “Free” (Australia only)
    • we now have NZ shipping options
  • We now talke credit cards directly (using Comm Bank Simplify)
    • Note, card numbers are not retained by us
  • For the moment, PayPal is not an option
    • This is due to a problem with the WooCommerce PayPal plugin
    • PayPal will return when the issue is fixed.

What’s Coming

These are some of the things we have planned.

  • Astronomy 2023
    • In work, planned availability is in October as usual.
  • More details on the contents of previous editions
  • Update the “Appendices” area, what is there is a little old