Night Sky Planisphere (Southern Hemisphere)

A planisphere makes a great companion to our book!

It is a hand held aid used to identify which stars and constellations are visible on any particular date and time. It is useful for many years (the information shown is valid for your lifetime!).

The ‘Night Sky’ planisphere is a high precision, low distortion aid to the visual observer. It is double sided, designed for the southern hemisphere, and printed with a light background for easy night readability. Its plastic construction makes for a durable and moisture resistant product.

To use this planisphere is easy. Just turn the disk so the date lines up with the time and it will show you what the sky looks like now. It’s that simple!

These planispheres are available direct from Quasar Publishing. It is available in two sizes: the large 22 cm version is $29.95, and the small 13 cm one is $16.95.

Price includes GST and standard postage within Australia. For other shipping options (including NZ and Europe) see shopping cart. Inquire for other overseas locations.