Astronomy 2021


Astronomy 2021

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What are the Quasar Publishing Yearbooks and what can they do for me?

We have been producing these annual publications since 1991. They are written by Australians for Australians.

These yearbooks have been designed for anyone who looks at the night sky whether you are using just your eyes, a pair of binoculars or a telescope. The book has something for everyone from the basic novice up to the advanced amateur astronomer. This includes those with a casual interest who might just want to know, “what is that bright star next to the Moon?”

This book and a good planisphere are powerful tools for those first learning their way around the sky.

Monthly Articles:
A Binocular Variable Star, S Carinae
Milky Way Supernovae
The Legacy of the Gods
Pickering’s Computers
Raining Fire In The Sky
Uranus Discovery, It was that night its turn to be discovered
Shadows and Dust
The Aristarchus Plateau
Swans in Heaven, Large Magellanic Clouds
Cover Image, Cosmic Reef



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